In the late 1920's a Golf Club was built between Jasper and Huntingburg on the Old Huntingburg Road on the Ramsperger Farm that later became the Ackerman Farm. This golf club featured sand greens.

In 1932 a group of prominent Jasper individuals, including Linus Bohnert, Ava Pop Elliott, Orville Elliott, Arnold Krempp, Edwin Krempp, Claude Gramelspacher, Clarence Gramelspacher, Alan Joseph, Dr. Leo Salb, Louis Koerner, Al Partenheimer, Alvin Ruxer and Ray Schneider. purchased the land where the Jasper Country Club is presently situated. The course was constructed, as well as the first Clubhouse which was located just off 15th street at the highest point on the course.

In 1963 the original club house was removed and the present Clubhouse was built to replace it. Financial challenges in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s led to a financial reorganization which included a purchase of the land and assets by a new corporation (Club Management) and purchased the land and the Jasper Country Club, Inc. was organized to operate and run country club operations.

The golf course layout has changed many times over the Club’s history, especially as technology has evolved. The Course has always boasted excellent conditioning, with particular attention to the greens (some of the best in southern Indiana).

Recent history has seen a renovation of the banquet room with new furnishings, the addition of an indoor golf video teaching facility, an outdoor “netted” range, new maintenance building, an additional lake, and a renovated pool house.

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